Facade Systems

F50 Classic Integrated Facade Systems

Thanks to this option, an appearance of a facade system with structural silicone is obtained as no profile is visible when viewed from the outside.  A special double-glass spacer profile fixed to the glass through structural silicone is externally fastened to the carrier profiles with the help of joint profiles.  If desired, any preferred glass panel can be turned into a hidden leaf without revealing which one is openable. As the system does not require the use of a panel profile, it is a highly economical solution. Having mulyon and transom profiles whose carrier system has the wall thicknesses of respectively 2 mm and 1.4 mm, our system is produced with a variety of product options from 35 mm to 195 mm. Optimum static values can also be obtained. Thanks to the design pattern of the profiles, all carriers can be used either horizontally or vertically. Furthermore, as no notching process is applied on the horizontal carrier profile, it provides an advantage for the operator. All joint profiles and all other profiles are used commonly and thus offer a great stock advantage for the operator.