Facade Systems

F50 Condensat Integrated Facade Systems

As no profile is visible, when viewed from the outside, structural silicone facade system view is obtained. Specific double-glazing fastened with structural silicone to the glass is fastened to the external transporter profiles with the spacer-profile, connection profiles. Any glass panel selected if desired, 
When desired any selected glass panel, is turned into a hidden flap without certainty of which one is opened from outside.  Because the system does not need system panel profile, it is considerably an economical solution. It discharges condensation and rain water to be formed out the system thanks to condensing canals of the transporter system.
Our system having mulyon and transom profiles, whose wall thickness of transporter system is 2 mm and 1.7 mm, is produced from 35 mm to 195 mm with wide product variety. Optimum static values can be provided. All connection profiles and all other profiles are used jointly, provide a great stock advantage for the implementer.